Aruba devices securely deliver the enterprise network to users, wherever they work or roam, with user-centric networks that significantly expand the reach of traditional port-centric networks. User-centric networks integrate adaptive WLANs, identity-based security, and application continuity services into a cohesive, high-performance system that can be easily deployed as an overlay on top of existing network infrastructure. Adaptive WLANs deliver high-performance, follow-me connectivity so users are always within reach of mission-critical information. Identity-based security associates access policies with users, not ports, to enable follow-me security that is enforced regardless of access method or location. Application continuity services enable follow-me applications that can be seamlessly accessed across WLAN and cellular networks. The cost, convenience, and security benefits of user-centric networks are fundamentally changing how and where we work.

Mobility Controllers

Aruba Mobility Controllers provide context-aware networking across wireless and wired LANs, VPN connections, and remote offices. Running the Aruba OS operating system, Mobility Controllers integrate a wide array of networking and security functions and deliver a seamless user experience regardless of the connection medium.

Amigopod™ Access Management

Aruba Amigopod software is a scalable, easy-to-use visitor management solution that delivers secure network access to guests, employees and their mobile devices. Scalable to satisfy the needs of large enterprises, Amigopod features self-registration as well as skin technology for customizing corporate branding.

AirWave® Network Management

AirWave is the only multi-vendor network management software that manages everything affecting service quality− the RF environment, controllers, wired infrastructure and access points. The intuitive user interface can delegate responsibility across IT by providing access to charts, tables, diagnostic information and alerts based on support staff roles.

Access Points

Aruba's 802.11n access points deliver up to ten times faster performance compared to legacy Wi-Fi networks. Spanning a wide range from entry-level to high-performance, the AP portfolio offer integrated RF management, intrusion prevention, and support for maximum client density of smartphones and tablets.

Mobility Access Switches

Aruba's mobility access switches are a new class of product that brings context-based access to wired networks. Designed for wiring closets, the S3500 delivers secure access to users, independent of their location, access method, device or application.

Remote Networks

Aruba's Virtual Branch Networking solution easily and affordably brings the corporate network to small and mid-sized branches and home offices. VBN rightsizes branch networks by leveraging compact Remote Access Points (RAPs), cloud-based content security, and affordable broadband to replace costly appliances, VPN solutions and WAN links.

Outdoor Mesh Routers

Aruba wireless mesh routers deliver high-performance networking to outdoor environments where wired connectivity is impractical or unavailable. A multi-radio, multi-frequency design provides unparalleled speed and reliability for transporting voice, video and other real-time applications across long-distance.

VIA Agent

Aruba's Virtual Intranet Access (VIA) agent software provides secure remote connectivity for Windows and Mac OS X laptops. Unlike traditional VPN software, VIA provides a zero-touch experience for the end-user by automatically creating a secure connection back to the corporate network whenever needed.